Pharmacokinetics of Triferic (Ferric Pyrophosphate Citrate) Administered Intravenously to Healthy Adult Volunteers

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This is a Phase 1, open-label, three-period sequential dosing study being conducted to determine the pharmacokinetics of Triferic iron administered intravenously (IV) to healthy adults.
Phase 1
Accepts Healthy Volunteers?
Accepts Healthy Volunteers
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Rockwell Medical Technologies, Inc.
Citric Acid
Inclusion Criteria: Subjects must meet all of the following criteria to be eligible for
inclusion in the study:

1. The subject must be able to provide informed consent and have personally signed and
dated the study written informed consent document before completing any study-related

2. The subject must be 18-65 years of age inclusive at the time of consent.

3. The subject must have a transferrin saturation (TSAT) of 15-50% during Screening.

4. The subject must agree to discontinue all iron preparations for 14 days prior to

5. If the subject is female, she must be premenopausal, non-pregnant and non-lactating,
and be at least 90 days post-partum (if applicable) at Screening. Women of
childbearing potential must be willing to use appropriate birth control during the
entire duration of the study.

6. The subject must be willing and able to comply with all study procedures and

7. The subject must have no clinically-significant abnormal findings on medical history,
vital signs, physical examination, or clinical laboratory results during Screening.

8. The subject must have a body mass index (BMI) of ≤32.0 kg/m2 at Screening and weigh
>60.0 kg.

Exclusion Criteria:

A subject will not be eligible for inclusion in the study if any of the following criteria

1. The subject has a hemoglobin (Hgb) concentration <13.0 g/dL for men or <12 g/dL for
women during Screening.

2. The subject has a total iron binding capacity (TIBC) <250 µg/dL during Screening.

3. The subject has had administration of IV or oral iron supplements (including
multivitamins with iron) within 14 days prior to Baseline.

4. Subject has concurrent or recurrent disease (e.g., cardiovascular, renal, hepatic,
gastrointestinal, malignant, etc.) that could affect the action or disposition of the
investigational product utilized in this study, or could affect clinical or laboratory

5. Subject has a C-reactive protein level (CRP) >5 mg/L during Screening, or any
rheumatic or autoimmune disease that requires systemic anti-inflammatory or
immunomodulatory therapy.

6. Subject has an acute illness within 14 days prior to Baseline.

7. Subject has known or suspected intolerance or hypersensitivity to iron-containing

8. Subject has a history of alcohol or substance abuse within the past year.

9. Subject has a positive screen for cotinine or drugs of abuse.

10. Subject is positive for HIV, hepatitis B, or hepatitis C.

11. Subject uses tobacco in any form (e.g., smoking or chewing) or other
nicotine-containing products in any form (e.g., gum, patch, etc.). Ex-users must
report that they have stopped using tobacco for at least 30 days prior to Baseline.

12. Subject donated blood or blood products (e.g., plasma or platelets) within 60 days
prior to Baseline.

13. Subject participated in an investigational drug study within 30 days prior to

14. Subject is pregnant or intends to become pregnant before completing the study.

15. Subject's current medical status, in the investigator's opinion, would preclude
participation in the study.